Get a new number connected to your mobile.

We have a system in place that lets you know the caller is calling you from Premier Escort Directory

This means you can track exactly where your calls are coming from enabling you to answer the phone correctly.

Witheld Numbers

We are also able to divert any witheld numbers this means even if a caller phones you on a witheld number the callers id will still show up on your phone.

Nuisance Calls

If you are receiving nuisance calls then we can automatically bar that number from calling your phone remember there is no witheld calls.

Lost your phone
With this system it doesn't matter if you have lost your phone. Your unique number can simply be reconnected to any other UK landline or mobile within 10 minutes by emailing us.

So how much is it?

Set up cost is a one off payment of only £10.00

Monthly Cost - Free
Monthly Bills - Free
To get a unique number and benefit from using this service then email us


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